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Live Photos
Photos from the Market Tavern gig are online. Photos by Adam Powell Click here

Tour Cancelled
The Organ/Daath UK Tour has been cancelled due to the retarded fucks @ Birmingham Airport Immigration Control, who seem to believe that Organ & Daath will be making millions on this tour & do not have the visas to do so. Anyone who knows anything about being in band on a very small label knows that you don't make fuck all money so to assume that they'd be earning millions is ridiculous & disgusting. This was a diy tour everything was paid out of Organ & Daaths own pockets & organised by Andy (OFB) now they've lost shitloads on flights, van hire, etc.

Both bands are however determined to come back to the UK next spring & i'm pretty sure we'll be joining them on what will be a bigger tour. If you want to help the guys out go buy some merch from www.organband.com & www.daathmusic.com

Out For Blood will still be playing @ The Spencer, Coventry on 11th December

More info soon.

Demoing new material
Out For Blood have been into the studio this week demoing two new tracks, its sounding pretty good so far, the recordings are a lot more raw & dirty compared to the stuff we've done previously. Once we've mixed them we may stick one up on myspace so keep checking here over the next few weeks.

Photos from the Meltdown fest @ Dudley JB's & the Viking Skull @ The Barfly, Birmingham gigs should be online in the next few weeks aswell.

The last gig of the year @ 1in12 club, Bradford with Lazarus Blackstar, Threads & Evil Twin will be the last for not only the year but for the first few months of 2006 as we'll be writing material for a new release, so if you've got some cash left over from xmas get up to Bradford.

See you in 2006.

New Live Photos
New live photos from the Meltdown Fest & the Lazarus Blackstar gig are online click here

Guitarist wanted
Out For Blood guitarist Ben Porter has left the band due to personal issues. We are looking for a replacement more info here

New demo recording on myspace
Go listen to the demo recording of 'Smell The Trail Of Blood' on myspace. Click here

Forum moved
We have a new forum hosted by 4QRadio go check it out. Click here

Entering the studio
We will be entering Sable Rose studios on 11th May 2006 to record our debut full-length album with Andy Faulkner (Bolthrower, Cathedral) The albums 70% written & it sounds pretty killer. We're hoping for a September release through a label tba shortly. 

We will be gigging again very soon so keep checking back for dates & venues. If any promoters want too put us on email: Andy@outforblood.co.uk or contact us through Myspace

Press section updated
A write up on Out For Blood in this months Salvo magazine is up in the press section. Click here to check it out.

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