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'Out For Blood' review by Kerrang Magazine


With an opening gambit as subtly titled as ‘Keep No C**t Alive’, it’s scarcely surprising that Out For Blood are a drunken, violent bastard of a band set on making the most distastefully nasty noise possible, and the resulting Molotov cocktail of grindcore sludge and all round bas-ass nastiness confirms that, yes, they’ve managed just that. Taking a defiant crap in the face of all that’s nice and decent, and with a brutal production job that could skin a crocodile, these 11 tracks of ultra-heaviness are wonderfully abrasive, unashamedly bad mannered and thoroughly brilliant. Your mum probably wouldn’t agree, mind.


'Out For Blood' review by Concrete Web

The Coventry-based band Out For Blood entered Andy Faulkner’s Sable Rose Studio (Fume, Bolt Thrower) earlier this year for the recording of their self-titled debut full length album, which has duration of about 36 minutes. Out For Blood combine several kinds of ‘metallic –Core’: Hardcore, Grindcore, Metalcore etc. Their doomy approach of several pieces remind me to old school-oriented Grind / Death Metal formations, especially US-based ones, while the faster parts give a punkish Hardcore-approach, still with a sludgy groove and a massive sound. I guess both Mistress and Eyehategod have been of influence to their song writing. My personal turn-off-moment, however, are Andrew’s slightly sore throat-eruptions, which do not really fir to the intense, moshing riffs and rhythm.


Ivan Tibos.
'Out For Blood' review by Terrorizer Magazine

The Tone is set early doors with the piss-soaked opening track, titled 'Keep The Cunt Alive', which explodes out of the speakers like a microwaved cat and keeps going through every nerve-shredding minute of this coventry outfit's debut album. The fact that this is a uk band makes it all the more enjoyable that these guys are following in the footsteps of such scene luminaries as Raging Speedhorn, Medulla Nocte and Charger. Musically OFB have a lot in common with the aforementioned, but do manage to wipe their own shit-smeared cloth on proceedings. OFB slip up and down the tempo scale from blastbeats to doom-flavoured grind-outs that sound like the devil's heartbeat and back again. This is dirty, uncompromising metal that sets no truck with popularity, but instead creates an aural nightmare thats unpalatable, and leaves you feeling dirty and violated. Lovely Stuff

[7] Nick Griffiths
'Out For Blood' review by Zero Tolerance Magazine

After a number of furious appearances on the local live circuit, it is great to see Coventry's Out For Blood finally release their first full length album of aggressive, downtuned sludge metal. Boasting a huge grinding guitar sound and a tight punchy rhythm section, this is a higly confident and impressive debut which sees the band effortlessly glide through chuggy mid-paced sections, tight fast hardcore beats and slow epic riffs, without losing any focus or power. If you are a fan of sludge meets hardcore, you need to check this band

Johnny Doom
'Out For Blood' review by Lords Of Metal

The Brittish band Out For Blood releases its first record on their self-created label The Devil Knows You're Dead. Of course this can mean two things; either the band likes to be in control of their own product, or their music is so bad no label wanted to sign them. After listening to this album I am willing to go for the first option, first of all because I am not an evil person, and secondly because Out For Blood certainly shows some potential here.

It is all still rather crude and not very subtle, but the mix of metalcore and sludge is already quite listenable and it diverts enough from its idols (EyeHateGod, Iron Monkey, Napalm Death) to earn itself a spot in the scene. Out For Blood does this especially by relentlessly stepping on the pedals, while leadsinger Andrew squeals like pig brought to the slaughter. A small flaw is the music's simplicity, yet at the same time the tightness of the performance. A more 'loose' rockn'roll attitude would have given the record a well-needed dosis of filth. Without this the band sounds a lot more anonymous. The production is brilliant though (excellent job by Andy Faulkner, who also worked for Bolt Thrower) and there are enough interesting ideas on the record which make Out For Blood a band to look out for in the future.

Rating: 70/100
'Out For Blood' review by Organ Magazine

OUT FOR BLOOD .. Out For Blood (The Devil Knows Dead) Another Coventry band (and more brutal beards) and more ferocious hardcore metal outbursts, this time more of a dense stretched to bursting doomcore scream-out of a brutal hardcore sound. Laced with thrashing metal that gallops when it needs to . Relentless and churning and brutally intense. Think Medulla Nocte, Murder One, Iron Monkey, Eyehategod style skin-peeling puss-busting slug-crushing intensity with just that extra bit of quality that sees them safely standing out from the crowd. Beautifully relentlessly ferocious and rather recommended.
'Out For Blood' review by Subba-Cultcha

'Out For Blood' review by Subba - Cultcha

Sometimes, being belligerent, heavy and brutal does not a metal band make.

This collection of eleven heavy metal tracks, from the Coventry band OUT FOR BLOOD, rely mainly on their riffing of the tried and tested sludge and metal-core manifesto.

But unfortunately, its as if it is being done by a bunch of half pissed kids.

It..s a mixed bag of heavy metal stereotypes, making loud and clanking metal music for an audience of tone deaf teenagers and ageing bikers who stood to near the speakers at festivals gone by.

After four or five songs, I was tearing at my own face trying to find the energy to review the whole bloody record.

And, though it will definitely have people become fans of the noise they make, to me it was just noise.

Its sludgey, muddy bass rooted metal, with barely an original idea in its head.

I am not a fan.

If you dig EYE HATE GOD, BOLT THROWER and CROWBAR you will dig it, its not bad my any stretch of the imagination, but that..s half the problem, they used very little stretch of their own imaginations to make it, and its just been there, seen it all before rehash sounding metal..

And for that reason alone, I was dead inside when listening to it.

By AJ Chamberlain

'Out For Blood' review from I Will Be Heard

Picture from a distance the beautiful Lady Godiva in all her splendour sat graciously on a white horse. She turns in your direction and you see her face more closely, noticing the mark of an upside-down cross on her forehead and blood pouring from her eyes. With a devilish grin Peeping Tom licks his lips, and from the recesses of a darkened cathedral is drawn blindly by an unholy sound toward a different kind of shrine. But this will be his downfall, as he is lured into the Jailhouse by a metallic Mephistophelian noise, for here the makers of that wickedness preach their wares and they are OUT FOR BLOOD!

These Coventrian Heavy Metallers were founded around 2003 and have already had a couple of noteworthy recordings; including last years split EP with Atlanta’s Organ. However, their self titled debut album is significantly more ambitious, featuring eleven new songs and once again produced and mixed by Andy Faulkner.

With songs like “Keep No Cunt Alive”, “Unsustainable Liver Treatment”, “Thirst For Blood”, “Your Lies, Your Suffering” and “Homicidal” you find them mixing deathly slow grind with neck breaking pace, like a beer with a Jack Daniels chaser. Here you find the monstrously downtuned riffs that reach dimly lit depths and scarify the shit-lined walls of Satan’s u-bend, entering hell via the arsehole.

If you enjoy sludgy grinding guitars and rumbling bass nailed to a blackened backdrop of doom, often with reverberating grooves which are repeatedly lifted to a heady thrash by chaotic drums and screeching vocals, then you’ll be in your element with this album. Its thirty-six minutes of assault and battery and the best blood donation you’ll ever give.

'Out For Blood' review from Toxicpete

'Out For Blood' - the album. Out For Blood - the band. Got the message yet!! Yep, these guys will make you bleed. The aural onslaught will dig holes into yer eardrum and suck the lifeblood from yer brain. And if that doesn't work then I'm sure that Out For Blood can generate plenty of their own red fluid, if only from the torn and tattered vocal chords and soft throat tissue of their masochistic vocalist.

Out For Blood are from Coventry and if the old Cathedral hadn't already been destroyed then these babes could rase it to the ground from a five mile radius! Oh yes, there's some power here; violent and destructive but, if this is your bag, pretty tasty. Respite is obviously a word unknown to Out For Blood; this album is full on, incessant, unrelentless abuse of the aural senses. Grit and grind to test even the most (fool) hardy of demonically changed metalheads.

Out For Blood, whether it's the album or the band, could wake the dead and probably get them moshin'. No, this aint for the 'sweet music' lovers, nor for the musically unchallengeable. 'Out For Blood' is brash, in-yer-face and bordering on life threatening! Metalheads and similarly ilked muso's will take this and drink it in. For those more concerned about their safety and wellbeing, beware - 'Out For Blood' is serious bad-boy balls.

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (

(Rhythm & Booze rating 8)
Kerrang gig review


With song titles like 'Piss Soaked Wrench' and more untamed facial hair than she can shake her walking stick at, Coventry's Out For Blood are your nan's favourite new band in waiting. Switching between ferocious hardcore bursts and dense, jaw-breaking grooves reminiscent of a steamroller charging in first gear, they stomp, spit and snarl their way through a half hour set that defines the term heavy metal.

Featuring ex-members of Labrat and Pain Control, Axis Of Evil have been hailed as Britain's loudest band by everyone from the 'Sunday Sport' to Channel 5. Within minutes its abundantly clear as to why, hitting the stage amid a tornado of rapid-fire drum bursts and grinding riffs, drenched beneath a blanket of synth-induced melodies to create a sound often as chilling as it is heavy. There are, however, a few minor factors that currently route AOE to being a good band rather than a great one. One is their cock-chokingly frustrating insistance on keeping the snare pumping thick and fast, rather than letting the riffs take over to add a delicious groove-laden soundtrack for an audience who mirror the band's onstage energy. Otherwise, this would have to offer a genre increasingly dependent on old hands such as Ministry for sustenance. Axis Of Evil are the ultimate industrial prick-tease.


Coming on strong like a heart attack are Coventry's Out For Blood. They're hardworking, no bull metal and down right nasty doom is something to be championed around these parts.  Formed from the amalgamation of various other local bands in 2003, Out For Blood have been working hard for the metal cause ever since.  They show they mean business from the outset with their initial offering, a two-track demo 'Assault & Battery' produced and mixed by Andy Faulkner who's had his fair share of experience in the studio with the likes of Bolthrower and Cathedral.  The band are a kick in the face to the local live circuit and hit the ground with brutality and force, backed by the local scene and bands alike from the offing.

Confronted by the onslaught of what can only be described as knives down a chalk board/ripping your face off vocals from frontman Andrew Barraclough backed up by the shuddering riffage and thumping beats from Ed Chester (Guitar) Ben Porter (Guitar) James Dunn (Bass) and Michael Giles (Drums) Out For Blood is a recipe for a fantastic heavy metal holocaust.

Countless local shows progressed to support slots with the likes of Stampin' Ground and Mistress to name just a few.

In 2004 Out For Blood released 'Pulse Of The Underground' a split with US metalheads Organ, released through Meltdown Records.  The CD and live shows were well recieved by fans, critics and the media earlier this year.  Out For Blood take their influences from the likes of Charger and Iron Monkey, but their progressed sound is a hallowed doom all of its own.

In their own words the band descirbe themselves as devastingly brutal combining both elements of hardcore punk, doom & sludge, and who are we to argue?


"Pulse Of The Underground" is a quality release from new UK label
Meltdown Records in the form of an equal split EP, featuring Coventry’s Out For Blood and Atlanta’s Organ (USA), giving a good flavour of things on both sides of the Atlantic.

Out For Blood briefly charge along at drum breaking velocities, interrupted by switch-flicking changes into a mid-paced grinding rate, before downshifting into their natural doom-laden state where their greatest
pleasures presides. The three songs are equally sordid and depraved, showing their genitals to Charger and their arse to Iron Monkey.

With scratchy, puking vocals that rasp a warning of their fate to unbelievers, and slow rumbling bass lines that rattle the railings to hell, this is an unadulterated downutunded monster. The incessantly evil and demonic grinding has enough sludgy wickedness to incite Satan himself to join in the mosh pit.

Organ take a more straight forward metal attack of chugging riffs and growling vocals, with powerful thrash-rich roots almost Pantera-like, particularly on “The Ultimate Front” and the hardcore blitz that is “Exploited Freedom”. But it does make them sound less distinctive, that is until the final track. “Awakening” turns all nasty and grindingly slow with deathly vocals and has a huge central riff that is so massively thick and sludgy, it could curdle clay.

A good showing from both bands on this EP, but if this was an Out For Blood vs Organ style split, it would be an easy whitewash by the UK team. They show much more character and freshness and leave you wanting to hear more - See, there is so much more too Coventry than just a burned out cathedral!

7/10 - Rigsby (25th September, 2005)


Raw Nerve Review

Reviewer: Paul Raw Nerve

Stylish artwork features throughout on this split between Out For Blood and Organ which starts with ‘Punishable by death’ sounding not unlike Gutworm. A similar big sound, very metallic grooves and depth filled, tremolo picked thrashings and a crisp sound, vocals are a little raspy and there is a touch more sludge to the sound. The bass leads well into ‘Corporate cockmaster’ seamlessly as the slow pace continues in a pretty evil vein.
Literally Out For Blood split the hardcore and sludge influences and style 50/50 here, as they pick songs up in pace the same way any of the Gang Style Records bands would but with the Rise Above roster venom or maybe Charger and Iron Monkey.

Organ prove this to be a well matched split release with more monstrous sounding guitars, punishing grooves and Anselmo style vocals. I think the overall intensity and heaviness is increased on their half. Certainly anyone into ‘Far Beyond Driven’ as their favourite Pantera release should be into this, and also ‘Lamb of God’ fans would enjoy their opener ‘The ultimate front’. ‘Exploited freedom’ is a bit more of a straight forward heavy hardcore track with a massive groove break and triplet guitar moment half way through before the rattling bass introduces the slower, more eerie ‘Awakening’ nicely, that certainly reminds of Lamb of God again and Burn The Priest when it gets going.

This is a very strong split of well produced metallic hardcore.

Out for Blood/Organ – Pulse of the Underground
Running Time – 23:00
(Meltdown Records)

Out for Blood;

1. Punishable by Death
2. Corporate Cockmaster
3. Iron Lung


4. The Ultimate Front
5. Exploited Freedom
6. Awakening

I’m not going to turn this review into a rant about the Royal Mail, but I must say we were lucky the CD worked. The jewel case was in absolute pieces; maybe staff use packages for in door football? Anyway the CD does work, so I’ll get on.

This is a split EP between two bands, Out for Blood and Organ, hailing from the UK and USA respectively. This is a new release off of yet another new record label, called Meltdown Records. It would be a really nice looking release had it not come in twenty separate bits, but assuming that’s not their fault, it’s got some nice artwork (if you’re into the ‘thrash/metal anatomy/skulls’ thing. Out for Blood, create a sound that isn’t exactly jaw dropping, but neither does it offend the ears. However, anyone playing thrash metal and who have been partially influenced by Black Sabbath and Iron Monkey, has probably formed a band in their neighbourhood sounding a lot like Out for Blood. Don’t get me wrong, Out for Blood do what they do well and above all effectively, and probably bring in a high audience locally, and tear it up live. However, the dubiously titled ‘Corporate Cockmaster’ is a standout track for the band, some evil riffery and passionate vocals and bubbling rhythm section, making this grooving, dynamic and full of promise.

You realize just how strong the UK scene is at the moment, when comparing Out for Blood with Organ (oh come on, on splits you can’t help it!). Organ have supported Superjoint Ritual. Out for Blood are much better than Organ. Organ rage along these three tracks like every other band of their ilk you’ve heard. It’s technically proficient, is listenable, is obviously a sound the band believe in, etc, etc, and I’m quite sure there’s loads of passion behind the writing of their tracks. But Christ, they’re boring. I don’t know what it is about Organ that makes my mind fuzzy when listening to them, but there’s no passion that may be apparent in their live shows carried over onto their recording (although this is a point Out for Blood should take heed of too). This type of music should be recorded raw and feel dirty in your ear. Jack Daniels on the bar, a spit bucket by the stage and five young men getting down, dirty and sweaty on a piss poor excuse of a stage. Unfortunately, this isn’t what’s on offer, and the mixing of the record has gone way over the top. It sounds too polished, too ‘safe’, too ‘finished’.

Out for Blood write good songs, that would be bolstered by a rawer recording and maybe keeping some of their more direct influences a stones throw away. If they can write tracks like their second on offer here with these things incorporated, then they could mean serious business, and be as respected/successful with the larger market, as UK old timers Stampin’ Ground have been. Organ should have a fundamental rethink of where they’re going – they can write songs, of that there is no doubt. Unfortunately sometimes its up and down as to whether they’re good songs or not. In my opinion they should get a bit nastier – they have the qualities and musicianship to do it, they sound (across these three tracks) to be holding back from unleashing some truly nasty noise.

If you want a quick snapshot of two thrash metal bands representing either side of the pond and who may whet your appetite for evil riffery, then ‘Pulse of the Underground’ might be for you. I however, will be waiting for Out for Blood’s next release with crossed fingers.

Out For Blood - Split EP with Organ

OFB bring forth bile and vomit with their Gut shuddering sound of down tuned guitars and heart changing charge of drums as the evil sounding riffage seeps into your soul like a cold clammy blackmoor fog,no more expertly done then on the last OFB track, Iron Lung. Punishable by death' the first track on this split CD explodes into life with typical death metal raging speed, but before the end of this 3 minute track has taught the value of the unexpected, the second song 'Corperate cockmasters' says it all.

Added: April 6th 2005
Reviewer: rock3
Score: 5 stars

Hate Fueled Abuse Tour
Organ, Out For Blood
Venue: The Shed, Leicester

Date: 14/03/05
By Richard Hartfield

They came, they screamed, and they played some of the heaviest riffage that you’ll be lucky enough to hear at the moment. Out For Blood hit the stage at the shed to a small, half asleep crowd. However, within minutes they had been tirred up into a ferocious mosh pit.
I have seen no transformation like it. Lead singer Andrew Barraclough entered the motionless audience almost immediately and began shoving people while screaming: ‘get the f*ck forward!’ It wasn’t long before the crowd were screaming with him, and then the onslaught really began! Barraclough’s banshee-like wail screeched and spat violently, even eerily above the heavy, metallic grind of dual, down-tuned bass and guitar. These were charged by high-paced, faultless drumming, creating one of the most bold, haunting, forces of raw, death metal ever to rear its’ ugly head from the bowls of Hell, or in this case- Coventry!

Stampin’ Ground
Mistress, Fume, Out For Blood
Venue: The Jailhouse, Coventry

Date: 27/07/04
By Joey*

For the second time in a fortnight I have the pleasure of seeing Out For Blood. Same goes for Fume, but they share two members so, hell, you may as well make a thing of it. They really are putting on some worthy gigs at The Jailhouse these days. Just as Fume have grown in the West Midlands local metal scene over the past few years, they have grown on me greatly too since I last saw them. Or maybe my music taste took more of a turn for the sinister? Whatever, these guys have definitely not dumbed it down. And from the response from the crowd this band has an impressive following, so it’s not surprising Out For Blood are just as liked. As well Michael on Drums for OFB and vocals for Fume, they share shear brutality and power. In fact OFB I think are far the angrier of the two, with a more smashing in-your-face sound. Admittedly there are similar influences, but these bands are their own and I was pretty satisfied with this half of the gig as though it was the whole. It’s not just ‘emocore’ bands who have two vocalists. Fume pull it off well, doubling the intensity. Though OFB played first, pretty soon I think they’ll be leaving Fume behind; they are better executed and simply sound better.
Never have I been a great fan of Mistress but I must be in a minority, them recently making a deal with Earache. But tonight my mind wasn’t going to change; me finding nothing particularly outstanding in them or their performance. Everyone else loved them though, the vocalist getting stuck into the audience and I have to give it to them they are heavy motherfuckers. At least my friends I brought along is enjoying them. If someone 'heavily' into Maroon 5 and Queen can into sounds as loud and crushing as those hurled at you by Mistress then they must be doing something right.
Due to having to leave a bit earlier than I’d wanted, I didn’t catch much of Stampin’ Ground. ‘Sacred’ was one of the first respectable CDs I owned. But if what they sounded like outside was anything to go by anyone standing in the same small room as them would have been blasted away. Here's on of those stupid images reviewers like you to think about rather than the band: A T-rex running down the street, as it BITES YOU HEAD OFF and thrashing about. I was kicking myself over not being inside at this point. Stampin’ Ground are one hell of a band and it’s a fucking honour to have the likes of them playing at The Jailhouse.

Out For Blood - ‘Assault & Battery’ Demo - Reviews

A band hailing from my home city of Coventry and based out of an address just around the corner from the school at which they attempted to educate this pitiful scribe eons ago. Despite this massive handicap, the summer of 2003 witnessed Out For Blood hatch from the seed of Fume - briefly as Killing Styles - before haemorrhaging onto the flourishing West Midlands metal scene with gigs-a-plenty, as well as spawning this professionally produced demo.

“Piss Soaked Wrench” opens with a familiar punky/hardcore riff played at speed, but things soon shift to a loose doomcore sound with a further slowdown into an awesome downtuned, lead-laden riff that rips off an arm and beats you with the soggy end!

“Beg, Borrow or Steal” doesn’t try and mislead, it takes the dimly lit route though a quagmire of murkiness, dragging headless corpses into bone-filled corners and leaving a heady stench of something evil.

It’s predominantly a sludgy, grinding sound. This is dark, gloomy and crushingly heavy, mixing breakneck passages with slow pulverizing agony in the Mistress, Charger and Iron Monkey mould. There are echoes back to early Sabbath and the slower passages often bring Candlemass to mind. The scathing, full-on, screaming vocals are of Raging Speedhorn proportions, with murderous intentions.

Sadly, there are only two tracks and there needs to be more. This character-full sound of awesome riffs, pounding rhythms and catchy hooks create a sludge-fest of marauding mayhem worthy of greater attention. Watch out for further material on a new EP that may give a more comprehensive idea of just what they are capable of.

"Assault and battery"

2 Tracks 8 Mins

1. P*ss soaked wrench
2. Beg, borrow or steal

Even though the intro to "P*ss soaked wrench" is really simple, I like it. There is a well crisp sound in the production that works stunningly, the vocals are strong, although a bit too basic, and overall the sound is a cross between Gutworm, Raging Speedhorn, before dropping down into something a little more dark, almost like a sludge band rather than a hardcore or metalcore bands style.

For some reason this is really a hard review to write, as the song is so simplistic, but it just has something about it I am enjoying. Catchy, upbeat, strong sound, and a little unexpected too to be honest, I thought this was going to be a lot more in the tough guy hardcore vein, but, especially with the starting moments of "Beg, borrow or steal", there is more of an influence from Eyehategod, Cavity or Iron Monkey than there is from Madball and the like. Most of this track does stay at a down tempo pace, and with very few riffs, but unlike some bands who try and do too much for their capabilities, Out For Blood do this style to the very best of their ability and it sounds all the better for it, something that other demo bands could learn to pick up on.

I would very much like to hear a half dozen track EP from Out For Blood as their hypnotic sludgey hardcore songs work their magic nicely into my brain.

» Out For Blood - Assault and Battery demo

by Aidan Gray,

Out For Blood’s 2 song demo ‘Assault and Battery’ was produced and mixed by none other than Andy Faulkner, who’s had his fair share of fame by twiddling the knobs for Bolthrower. Out For Blood are one of the most exciting unsigned UK acts to have formed in recent months, this triad of excellence bring a barrage of metal to the Midlands. Hailing from Coventry, the group is already planning to head out this Summer all across Britain, securing gigs up and down England and beyond. Although the disc is only 2 tracks long, it makes you yearn for more. ‘Piss Soaked Wrench’ is the clear favorite on this double shot of head banging fury, a tune which is sure to make label reps turn their head in an instant. Labeling themselves as a hybrid mix of sludge, and hardcore, elements of thrash are blatantly obvious on this premier track. Hooky riffs, searing vocals, and a brilliant combination of mixed paces in the music come together to slay. At first listen, one would not assume front man Andy Barraclough handles duties as both throat and axe slinger – but, he does. The rhythm section of Michael Giles and James Dunn feature more prominently in the 2nd song ‘Beg, Borrow, Or Steal’ which is a down tuned mixture of grimy sludge metal and hallowed doom. Overall, as previously mentioned, this is one of the more exciting unsigned acts that has appeared on my musical radar over the past few months, and it’ll be a good day when this highly professional act that is backed by radio, and promotional services finally get signed. My only real issue is possibly a variance in guitars, and a few more tracks! Both of which can’t really be helped, but you have been warned, be on the lookout for these guys.

Out For Blood - ‘Assault & Battery’ Demo
By Joey* [Jump To Top]

At last, a respectable scene in the West Midlands begins to immerge, with a dark and heavy feel to it; ready to wipe the emo scourge, currently plaguing the world. Out For Blood are one of the better examples of small bands to recently arrive on the local scene.

But these guys aren’t strangers to these parts; OFB formed from current and former members of the notorious Fume, and went by the name 'Killing Styles' before changing direction. It is definitely metal, varying from that thrown at you at 100 miles-per-hour to moments of the kind that as heavy and blunt and smacks you round the head. When not thrashing violently, this two-track demo has a definite doomcore feel to it, one prevalent in a number of bands playing the Coventry circuit at the moment. I definitely prefer ‘Piss Soaked Wrench’ to the second track, ‘Beg, Borrow or Steal’. The latter wasn’t very outstanding for such a short demo, it became a bit monotonous, and at nearly 5 minutes long. I also hated the way the demo ended by just fading the track out. ‘Piss Soaked Wrench’ with its much aggressive thrashing really had me going, and also gave a better idea of the range of sounds the band can successfully achieve.

The tracks are available for free download from their official site ‘Piss Soaked Wrench’ is definitely worth a look-in. An EP is due out later this year.

Out For Blood – Assault and Battery
Posted on Tuesday, May 11 @ 14:56:30 CDT
Topic: Reviews (Releases)
Fair play to this Coventry lot, this is the most professional looking demo I have seen in a long time. It’s all properly printed, the cd seems pressed (rather than being a cd-r) and it all looks great. So hopes were raised for the music within…..

……and they kick off with a (albeit well produced) crap riff. It’s some simple dodgy metal-punk thing. Luckily, apart from this riff the band do show promise. Whilst they mainly stick to the template laid down by Charger/Raging Speedhorn/My War/et al they have a well produced demo that, if they find their own identity a bit more, could see them go somewhere as they clearly have the know how.

One dodgy riff and the whiff of some other bands aside, ‘Piss Soaked Wrench’ is nice and dirty, and could get a decent pit going, whilst ‘Beg, borrow or steal’ pursues the sludge route a bit more overtly before getting all metal on your ass.

File under: might get quite good.
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